About Laura


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Laura, born and raised in Montana, has been playing and teaching music for most of her life. She received her Undergraduate degree in violin performance from Wheaton College in 2000, and her Masters in Education with an emphasis in music from Montana State University-Billings in 2011. Along with many individual lessons and group violin classes in both Montana and Illinois, she has taught orchestra classes, K-6 general music classes, celtic fiddling, and private piano lessons.

She performs on both violin and viola as a member Copper Kelly (her folk music band with some of her siblings), Billings Symphony Orchestra, Rimrock Opera Orchestra, Billings Ceilidh Fiddlers, Yellowstone Chamber Players, Stillwater String Quartet, Rocky Mountain Community Church Musicians, and as a substitute for other orchestras in the Central Montana/Northern Wyoming region. She also enjoys playing for weddings and receptions both as a strolling violinist and as a member of string ensembles.

In her free time she loves spending time with her nieces and nephews, skiing, outdoor activities,  reading, and church activities.

She has received the following Suzuki Teacher Training:

  • General String Pedagogy (Lisa Hirshmugl, IL)
  • Every Child Can! (Tanya Carey, IL)
  • Violin Foundation 1A ( Jaqueline Mauer, CO)
  • Violin Foundation 1B (Pat D’Ercole, WI)
  • Violin Book 2 (Carol Smith, TN)
  • Violin Book 3 (Craig Timmerman, KT)
  • Violin Book 4 (Nancy Jackson, MN)
  • Violin Book 5 (Alan Lieb, NY)
  • Violin Book 6 (Alice Joy Lewis, KA)
  • Violin Book 8 (Cathy Lee , CA)
  • Violin Tone Class (Cathy Lee, CA)
  • Overview of the Bow hand and Arm (Cathy Lee, CA)
  • Advanced Supplimental Repertoire (Doris Preucil, IA)
  • Musicianship (Barbara Reubenstein, IL)

One thought on “About Laura

  1. Richard Flor says:

    Thank you, Laura, for a wonderful week in Monarch at the Montana Old Time Fiddler’s Camp! Hope we have the opportunity to play together again.

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